How to: send debug information

Follow the steps in the slideshow below to send debug information from your sensor to us.

  • Download Elsys "Sensor Settings" app from the Play Store.
  • Start the app.
  • Open the sidebar. Enable "Debug" by tapping the switch.
  • Hold your phone against the sensor, a question will pop up, press yes.
  • The settings have been read from the sensor, scroll down.
  • Press the "Send debug" button to open your email client and send the debug information to us.
  • Use your email client to send the information.

Get it on Google Play

NFC Write

When reading or writing NFC data to the sensor, it starts a timer and delays its actions for 5 seconds. This delay is for the possible bad connection inherited with NFC communication. Reasons for bad connection can be distance, location or rapid movement. After the delay, the sensor determines if the NFC data has changed or not. If the data has change the sensor reboots and starts from power up. When writing data to the sensor, try to get the best connectivity as possible. Locate the NFC antenna of the phone and sensor. Keep the 2 devices as close as possible and don’t move them while writing or reading. When you have written data to the sensor, let the sensor reboot and restart before trying to write again. You can always validate your settings by reading the NFC data after the sensor has restarted.


Sensor startup

sensor_startupWhen the sensor starts up it loads configuration from the internal memory  and merge it with user configuration. When the configuration is done the sensor writes the new configuration to the NFC chip. The sensor always writes new configurations to the NFC chip when something changes in the sensor or if NFC data is corrupted by a NFC writer or phone. The sensor always writes new configuration to NFC chip at startup. When configuration is done the sensor tries to join the network if OTAA (Over The Air Activation) is enabled.The sensor led flashes orange  when it tries to join a network. The sensor tries to join the network every 10 second and increases the join timer at every failed attempt by 10%,  up to maximum 1 hour. After startup,configuration and join the sensor enters sampling mode.