The ELT-2 has the capability of solving almost any problem. It is enclosed in an IP67 box which makes it ideal for mounting outside or in extreme conditions. The ELT-2 can measure both analog or digital signals and can handle up to two external sensors simultaneously.  Not only can you connect external sensors to the ELT-2, but it also has four internal sensors: temperature sensor, humidity sensor, accelerometer, and an atmospheric pressure sensor. 

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ELT-2 is the ideal sensor for measuring in advanced places or in extreme weather conditions. It is easy to install and configure to form your solution. ELT-2 has two generic inputs. You can configure ELT-2 for external temperature probe, pulse counting, analog-input 0-10V, digital-input, water leak, switch, distance sensor, soil moister sensor, and many more options. ELT-2 can be equipt with add on modules to get extra features like external PT1000 sensors, load cell input, or output control.    

The battery life is estimated to be up to 10 years but depends on sample interval, transmit interval, data rate, and environmental factors. It is powered by one 3,6V AA lithium battery.

All our sensors are equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) for easy configuration with an Android phone. You can change the sample rate, data rate, encryption keys, triggers, activation, and much more in our application “Sensor Settings“.  All our sensors are built on the LoRaWAN® stack from Semtech.

Channel plans for US 902-928, EU 863-870, AS 923, AU 915-928, and KR 920-923.

Battery and antenna are not included.

Please visit our Documents & Firmware page for more information about this product.


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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 94 × 59 × 35 mm

ER14505 3,6V Li/SOCl2

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