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New products incoming!

We are incredibly excited to share with you some big news: our product portfolio is expanding! Read below to find out more. 


ERS CO2 Lite

As the name hints, the ERS CO2 Lite is a simpler version of our current ERS CO2. It has internal sensors for measuring the CO2 levels, temperature, and humidity. 

Since it is a light version of the ERS CO2, you can purchase this product for a lower price! 


Read more here!


This product is designed with the same internal sensors as the regular ERS, and extended with an SPGC3 sensor which is a digital multi-pixel gas sensor for air quality. VOC is a measurement for volatile organic compounds and gives a good overview of the air quality in the room. 

This product will be released shortly. 

EMS Desk

Our new desk occupancy sensor, smaller and improved!

The EMS Desk is an occupancy and indoor environment sensor designed to be mounted under a desk or table. 

It has internal sensors for measuring the indoor temperature and humidity in addition to its occupancy sensor, which is a thermopile sensor used to detect people even if they're sitting or standing still. 

This product will be released shortly.

You can always read about our other products on our webpage or webshop.

We at ELSYS wish you a good weekend! 

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