NFC settings specification


Settings on all Elsys LoRa sensors are stored on the embedded NFC chip which is a NFC Forum Type 4 tag with a NDEF text entry. Use our Android application or any other NFC application to read and write settings from the sensors.

The settings use the following format:


See the table below for all possible settings:

IdentifierTypeDescriptionExample valueDevice supportNotes
DevEui8 bytes (hex)Device EUIA81758FFFE000000Read-only
DevAddr4 bytes (hex)Device addressFE000000Only when ABP
AppEui8 bytes (hex)Application EUIEE00000000001234Only when OTAA
OtaboolOver-the-air activationGeneral
AckboolAcknowledged messagesGeneral
AppKey16 bytes (hex)Application key2B7E151628AED2A6ABF7158809CF4F3COnly when OTAA
AppSKey16 bytes (hex)Application session key2B7E151628AED2A6ABF7158809CF4F3COnly when ABP
NwkSKey16 bytes (hex)Network session key2B7E151628AED2A6ABF7158809CF4F3COnly when ABP
SplPerinteger (s)Sensor timebaseGeneral
SendPerintegerSend periodGeneral
AccPerintegerAccelerometer measurement periodGeneral
VddPerintegerVoltage measurement periodGeneral
TempPerintegerTemperature measurement period
LightPerintegerLight measurement periodERS,ESM5k
PirPerintegerPir measurement periodERS
PirCfginteger (0-2)Pir configurationERS0 = off, 1 = trigger, 2 = count
Co2PerintegerCO2 measurement periodERS
Co2Cfginteger (0-1)Co2 settingsERS0=normal operation,1=calibrate CO2
ExtPerintegerExternal measurement periodELT-1
ExtCfgintegerExternal configurationGeneralELT-10 = off, 1 = analog input
ExtPwrTimeinteger (ms)External powerup timeGeneralELT-1
Qsizeinteger (0-10)Sample queue sizeGeneralMax 10
QoffsetboolInclude offset bytesGeneral
QpurgeboolPurge sent samples from queueGeneral
PayloadstringPayload typeelsysRead-only
Portinteger (1-254)LoRaWAN portGeneral
DrDefDefault datarateGeneral
DrMinMinimum TX datarateGeneral
DrMaxMaximum TX datarateGeneral
PlanintegerChannel planGeneral
PlansstringSupported channel plans3,4,5,6,7,8,9Read-only
Subbandinteger (0-7)Channel plan subband (hybrid modes)General0 = 0-7, 1 = 8-15, etc.
LockintegerLock code12340 = unlocked, anything else will lock the sensor until code is entered again
SensorstringSensor typeersRead-only
FWstringFirmware versionGeneralRead-only