Pressrelease – October 2023

ELSYS, Sally R, and Epishine partner to make the shift to sustainable buildings easier and more accessible!

In a groundbreaking move toward advancing smart building solutions, industry leaders Sally R, a pioneer in smart building control, leading sensor supplier ELSYS, and indoor solar cell manufacturer Epishine have joined forces to provide a complete solution. The collaboration is simplifying sustainable building practices, where all aspects of smart building management are taken into consideration. Importantly, this partnership underscores  indoor solar cells as a pivotal power source for sensors, marking a new era in building optimization.

Read more about the collaboration here. 

Webinar – September 2023

Indoor solar powered sensor: A trustworthy choice? Absolutely!

We’re diving deep into our ECO sensors powered by indoor solar cells and will answer the question “can you trust a sensor powered by indoor solar cells?” ELSYS and Epishine will clarify the most common misunderstandings about our ECO sensors and discuss where you can benefit from a solar-cell sensor. This webinar will not only shed light on the capabilities of our innovative sensor but also provide insights into our shared vision for a greener and more sustainable future.  

If you missed the webinar, you can see the recording here.

New products – July 2023

Sensors with Display! Access real-time information at a glance. ELSYS’s new sensor series with a display lets you easily monitor and analyze indoor climate conditions!

First out are two sensors, one measuring temperature and humidity and the second measuring temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels. They have the classic Scandinavian design and quality that ELSYS always delivers. On top of that, both sensors are powered by two batteries, ensuring an impressive battery life of up to 10 years. Order here

Coming soon..

Additional sensors in the display series that measure motion PIR, light, room occupancy, and sound. These sensors will have a feature that allows you to switch between different views on the display. Dive deeper into the data, explore additional information, such as the spreading factor, and discover valuable insights.

Pressrelease – October 2022

ELSYS, WMW, and Actility have released six new end-to-end IoT solutions!

Do you need to monitor people’s presence in your indoor spaces? Wish to maintain the cold chain in the food or pharmaceutical industries? Want to control the levels of water in your tanks or optimize waste management? Or do you need to ensure an ideal cultivation process in your greenhouses with no disruption?

Elsys, Actility, and WMW offer you the most adapted solutions! Together, the partners developed solutions to cover your various monitoring needs. The evaluation starter kits provide the required hardware, software, and connectivity service to assess this integrated plug-and-play solution. 

Read more about the solutions and watch the solutions overview videos. 

Pressrelease – March 2022

ELSYS is launching ERS Eco, a battery-free sensor line powered by Epishine’s indoor solar cells! 

Industry leading LoRaWAN sensor provider ELSYS is launching their first battery-free products using Epishine’s indoor light energy harvesting solution.

”ELSYS has taken sustainability to a new level within IoT and building automation sensors with the new ERS Eco sensor line. We are proud to be their partner, supplying our light energy harvesting modules. Epishine’s organic solar cells are perfectly optimized for the ERS Eco sensors with their market-leading performance in indoor light conditions. ” says Jonas Palmér, Sales and Business Development at Epishine.

Read more about the partnership.

New products – January 2022

A new product series that is environmentally friendly! 

The product series will include two sensors; ERS Eco and ERS Eco CO2. They are both made from biodegradable material and are entirely powered by indoor solar cells. No batteries and minimum maintenance are needed. 

ERS Eco will measure temperature and humidity. 
ERS ECO CO2 will measure temperature, humidity, and CO2. 

Application release – September 2021

Great news for all iOS users! Our application, sensor settings, is now availible on App Store.  

We have finally released an application for iOS that can be downloaded from App Store. The iOS application supports all our products and has the same functions as the Android application.   

Read more about the applications settings here.

New feature – May 2021

Traffic light feature

Now our ERS sensors can give you an indication of whether a value exceeds or falls below a limit that you can configure yourself.

Use our application to choose which value you would like to monitor, set the threshold values, the color of the light, and the LED frequency.

The light will guide you through three different states and makes it very clear if the environment seems to be good, okay, or even bad.

Read the newsletter here.

New product – September 2020

The ERS Series is expanding!

We have released a new ERS Series product called ERS CO2 Lite. The CO2 Lite is a simpler version of the ERS CO2. It has internal sensors for measuring the CO2 values, indoor temperature, and humidity. 

Read the newsletter here.

New product – September 2020

New EMS Series product!

The new EMS Lite has the same design as the other products in the EMS Series but is a simpler version of the regular EMS. It has internal sensors for measuring the indoor temperature and humidity and. 

Visit our webshop to read more. Product information on this site will be released soon.

Application release – May 2020

We are releasing the new, updated application for sensor configuration.

The main focus of this release is that it will be easier for the user to make all of the configurations. 

We have added a wizard-mode for the configurations, in addition to normal and advanced mode. The wizard-mode helps the user with more straightforward settings and is a great tool to get started more quickly. 

The two other modes allow the user to manually configure more of the settings but are still easier to use than the previous version.  

The new application supports all our products. 

Find the application here


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