ElektronikSystem i Umeå AB


ELSYS provides sensors for smart buildings, cities, and industries. The sensors are used for indoor climate control, energy efficiency, dynamic workplaces, and more.


All ELSYS sensors are manufactured in the EU to reduce our climate footprint and guarantee quality standards. ELSYS is known worldwide for its quality products and is constantly striving towards environmentally friendly products and practices.


ELSYS was founded in 2005 by several researchers and lecturers from the Department of Applied Physics and Electronics at Umeå University. The founders brought their experience within the field of connected devices, and three of them are still in the company today.

ELSYS’s journey started with consultancy work for companies in the region, designing, developing, and producing embedded systems. The first ELSYS-branded product was a “smart home” system for caravans. In their research at the university, there was a focus on wireless technologies, and it was there that we found the LoRa technology. The long-range and open frequency convinced us, and we launched our first wireless sensor in 2015. Today, we have sold more than half a million sensors, and you can find them worldwide

The success story of ELSYS is rooted in a genuine interest in connected devices and a broad knowledge of electronics, infusing the company with a deep understanding of the products and the complex technology underpinning them. This success is also due to the company’s commitment to maintaining control over the design and development of the sensors, ensuring reliable products. ELSYS takes great pride in upholding these high standards and is keen to sustain that reputation.

ELSYS is a proud member of the Bemsiq group under the ownership of Investment AB Latour. ELSYS headquarter remains in the northern part of Sweden. We are a close team, each contributing their skills and expertise, keeping ELSYS at the forefront of the market.


At ELSYS, we aim for a present and future where innovation meets sustainability. Our products are carefully developed and produced with a sustainable focus throughout the entire product lifecycle. ELSYS’s core business contributes to a sustainable future for smart cities and buildings by measuring data for sustainable optimization, including financial, environmental, and social aspects. For ELSYS, it is a natural part of our business to prioritize sustainability in our day-to-day business, and we are committed to making continual improvements for a sustainable future by actively working with our sustainability goals.

Sensing tomorrow – With a green vision